Bulletins from AXIOS

First Orthodox Christian Church Established in Belize

A little known secret is that the first ever Orthodox Christian Church to be established in the

Central American Country of Belize has been offering divine liturgical services for several years now.

If you find yourself in Belize, please visit!  You are cordially welcomed at:

The Orthodox Church of Belize

16 Maxi Street

Santa Elena, Belize


Monastery of St. Michael is looking for you to join the community

As God provides the calling to you, please visit the Monastery of St. Michael and be blessed

by a unique community that will always support you as you climb the ladder of divine ascent.

For further information, contact Father Daniel J. Gorham, Abbot of the Monastery.

The American Conservatory of Music has arrived in Belize!

The world famous American Conservatory of Music established its Central American campus in the beautiful country of Belize.  For further information, please contact the American Conservatory of Music.  Correspondence and donations may be directed to Father Daniel J. Gorham c/o The Orthodox Church of Belize.

Schedule of Divine Liturgy Services

On Sundays and Holy Days, the service times are as follows:

10:00 AM  Orthros

11:00 AM Divine Liturgy

For Vespers information, contact Father Daniel at 011-501-824-2382

More Bulletins to follow, later…

More to come...